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7 Jan (Thu)

"All things are ready, if our mind be so." ~ William Shakespeare
  • Why was there a need for us to have the temperature taking exercise?
  • What does it mean to be ready (e.g. for emergencies)?

7 Jan (Thu)
Time Concepts - Mining, Storing, Refining
  • We can increase our time/ maximise the use of time through the above 3 time concepts.
  • Time Mining - to carve out more time by looking at pockets of time that are not put to fruitful use (e.g. using the time for waiting for CCA to start to do productive things)
  • Time Storing - to do what we can at the present moment so that we don't have to scramble for time to do these same things in future (e.g. maintaining proper file system, so that we are poised to revise our work at any time)
  • Time Refining - matchmaking the type of task with the right time period (e.g. using our most alert time of the day to do mentally challenging tasks instead of menial tasks)

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