Wednesday, April 20, 2016

20 April 2016

What we discussed in class: 
Had oral practice.

What we discussed in class: 
Discussed more on Trigonometry.

  Complete evaluation questions from 2013 and 2014 by [ Tuesday 26 April 2016 ]

What we discussed in class:
Discussed Evaluation questions.

What we discussed in class:
Answer of comprehension Questions
1.Identify keywords/Question type
2.Understand the requirements and the question
3.Locate/Underline relevant info in the text
4.Paraphrase:Answer the question

Past stuff
  Complete Iraq-Kuwait War(GCE 2009) by [ Thursday 21 April 2016 ]
  Complete DSA-JC/EAE form if interested by [ Friday 22 April 2016 ]
 Complete paper 2 of 2014 practice paper by [ Monday 25 April 2016 ]
  Bring Chinese TYS for the [ coming lessons ]

If there is something that I missed or if there is a mistake that I had made, please feel free to inform me on the Facebook/Whatsapp group or private message me.

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