Monday, April 18, 2016

18 April 2016

What we discussed in class: 
Had a lesson on 'Leaving a Legacy' .

 Complete paper 2 of 2014 practice paper by [ Monday 25 April 2016 ]

What we discussed in class: 
Discussed the paper 1 of 2014 practice paper.

Social Studies
What we discussed in class: 
Tip for SBQs : Read everything once to get a feel of the context then start writing.

Step 1- Question analysis ( What type of question is this )
Step 2- Source Interpretation ( What are the keywords in the source )
Step 3- Construction of answer ( What format should be used )

What we discussed in class: 
Did Trigonometry review practice.

What we discussed in class:
Chapter 2 - How did Stalin establish his authoritarian dictatorship over USSR?

Chapters 4 & 6 - Causes of WWII in Europe &Asia:
      Why did Britain & France pursue the appeasement policy? Why wasn't the policy able to prevent WWII?
      Most important cause for outbreak of WWII in Europe?
      Why did Japan attack China during the 1930s / USA (Pearl Harbor) in 1941.
      Most important cause of outbreak of WWII in Asia-Pacific?

Chapters 5 & 7 - Causes of Germany & Japan's defeat in WWII
      Why was USA's involvement in WWII vital for the defeat of Germany/Japan? Were there other important factors as well?

  Complete the draft for stimulus 4-6 by [ Tuesday 19 April 2016 ]

What we discussed in class:
Stimulus 1
 -Why ( Factual )
 -Link to importance of awareness ( Distraction by e-devices )
  -Why -> Danger, Distraction +  Near school 
(iii)Process -> How to prevent
  (2)a. Mirror -> Eliminate blind spot
  (1)b. Traffic wardens -> P for SST ( Parents )
  (3)c. Speed strips -> Vehicles will slow down
  1. Thank the reader - Principal
  2. Offer - Help/details/clarification
  3. Hope - Events would not occur, suggestions adopted.

Stimulus 2
  a.Raise awareness of dangers of profiteering
  b.Possible solutions
  c.Why -> Teen -> should be concerned
  General Public
  Formal Letter
  Formal + Persuasive + Factual + Neutral tone( Logos + Ethos ) ( Minimise Pathos )
(i)5W1H - Profiteering
    -In public
      -Jumping of Queue
      -Abuse of social media( Facebook)
(ii)Role modelling
  -How they are bad role model, impressionable youths
  -Negative social trends
  -Youths of today are adults of tomorrow
(ii)Why -> Impacts & consequences ( Now + Future )
-Issue Queue numbers
-Limit number of sets per customers
-Strictly enforce social media policy
-Police officers on patrol
  1. Thank the reader
  2. Offer
  3. Hope

Stimulus 3
  a.Acitivites -> Bond + Camaraderie + Fun
  b.Propose + 1 Activity
  c.Student leaders -> assist teachers
  CCA Teacher in charge
  Report + Proposal
  Formal + Persuasive
a.Obstacle course - Cooperation to overcome -> build trust } Fun cause solve problems
b.Bamboo rafting - Cooperation to overcome -> build trust } Fun cause water-borne/sense of achievement
c.Campfire - Preparation + Activities(Singing/Rehearals)
d.Trust fall/Flying Fox/Abseiling } Trust in your group mates } Fun cause adrenaline rush
How Student Leaders can assist
-Safety(Provide extra eyes to look out for danger)
-Head count(Keep track of people)
(i)Activities + Reasons(1-3 Paragarphs) -> Group them by the nature of the activity/fun(Obstancle course+Bamboo rafting)
(ii)Role of Student Leaders
  1. Thank the reader
  2. Offer
  3. Hope

Past stuff
  Complete all MCQs,Q1&3 from Section B and Q1 from Section C Workbook by [ Tuesday 19 April 2016 ]
  Complete Q2 of the Biology Common Test 2015 Paper 2 by [ Wednesday 20 April 2016 ]
  Complete Iraq-Kuwait War(GCE 2009) by [ Thursday 21 April 2016 ]
  Complete DSA-JC/EAE form if interested by [ Friday 22 April 2016 ]
  Bring Chinese TYS for the [ coming lessons ]

If there is something that I missed or if there is a mistake that I had made, please feel free to inform me on the Facebook/Whatsapp group or private message me.

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