Tuesday, March 8, 2016

8 March 2016

Sports and Wellness 
What we discussed in class the field: 

  Prepare Biology file by [ Friday 11 March 2016 ]

What we discussed in class: 
learned about transcription and translation and did activity

  Complete revision 1C of the lab practical by [ Tuesday 22 March 2016 ]

What we discussed in class the lab: 
Talked about the second part of transgenic animals.

What we discussed in class: 
Did revision for differentiation

What we discussed in class:
Did two more presentations of WWII.

-Germany's mistake in WWII-
They were not properly equipped, they did not have enough food due to the Russians burning the crops before retreating and they did not prepare winter clothes for the invasion in winter.

Hitler insisted on taking Ukraine 
Military insisted on Moscow
Delayed war vs USSR by assist Italy in North Africa and Balkan

He declared war on USA before successfully conquering USSR

Hitler had went against his commanders' recommendations. Hitler was also very overconfident and paranoid that he would put his commanders together so they could fight each other and outcompete each other to receive more funds.

Hitler also spend a lot of resources on the invention of a war weapon that would end the war.

Past stuff
  Complete Q1 of the worksheet:Construction of Table & Graphing Techniques by [ Wednesday 9 March 2016 ]
  Complete homework 15 by [ Friday 11 March 2016 ]
  Check and complete the shooting journal by [ Friday 11 March 2016 ]
  Complete page 9(Q3,4,6) and page 14-15(Q4,6,7,8) by [ Friday 11 March 2016 ]
  Complete plant reproduction worksheet by [ Wednesday 16 March 2016 ]
  Mark your English level test practice before [ the collection of files ]
  Bring blue oral book for [ upcoming lessons ]

If there is something that I missed or if there is a mistake that I had made, please feel free to inform me on the Facebook/Whatsapp group or private message me.

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