Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5 January 2016


Here is a summary of what happened today.

  Check the Google plus group for his post on [ Tuesday 5 January 2016 ]

  Choose and complete your selected question of the EMath-Statistics from page 8-12 by [ Wednesday 6 January 2016 ] ( For those who don't know how to start, find faults in the statistics to show that it is lying )

What we discussed in class: 

There will be Math remedial on [ Wednesday Afternoon ]. Those who are required to attend it, will be notified.

Stats are used to lie most of the time. 
-Look at the motive of the stats
-Look at the time of the study
-Look at the usage of mean/medium
-Look at the units used
-Look if the data is outdated
-Look if the data is raw(Data is absolute not relative)(Showing Singapore's birthrate and proving US' birthrate)
-Look if the data is culturally sensitive(US' laws and Singapore's laws are different)
-Look for critical words(Safest, Only One, The Best)(This is usually used to lie)
-Look if the source is biased
-Look if the range is specific("From $50 to more than $150" means there is no specific range)

  Complete the S3 English Funpack by [ Thursday 7 January 2016 ]

What we discussed in class:

O' Levels Weightage:
(Writing)               Paper 1(35%) - Editing(10), Situational Writing(30) and Free Writing(30)
(Comprehension)Paper 2(35%) - Picture(5),Comprehension(25) and Comprehension and Summary(5+15)
(Oral)                     Paper 3(20%) - Picture discussion(20) and Conversation(20)
(LC)                        Paper 4(10%) - Listening(20 or 30. not that sure)

3 Ground Rules
-Quiet (When the time is right)
-Respect (For all)
-Care (When others struggle and for the environment)

Homework submission
-Give before the deadline.
-If issues arise, those are handled case by case and have to inform the teacher in advance.

Things to take note
There will be surprise tests (A way to see one's understanding) and the test will start on time.
If the books from the Info Hub are not returned, the O' Levels certificate cannot be collected.
From T1W3 onwards, please bring your LDs for English lessons.


  Accept the google classroom and submit the pre-lesson discussion form in pairs after looking at the image(Image can be better zoomed in after downloading) by [ Wednesday 6 January 2016 ].

  Submit the holiday homework to Phone by [ Wednesday 6 January 2016 ].

What we discussed in class:
The topics taught in class are combined, such as the causes of wars and the fall of Germany/Japan.

If there are clashes in terms of homework, negotiations on the deadline are possible.


  Complete the Chinese Holiday Homework by [ Thursday 7 Jan 2016 ]


  Complete the holiday homework and other worksheets which have not been done so (Link to worksheets) by [ Wednesday 6 January 2016 ].

What we discussed in class:
If you do not do your homework, you have to do it in school before going back 

DO NOT buy a new file, unless it is getting full.

Afternoon support class [ Probably during Thursdays ]

We will be finishing Biology Syllabus by June

In the future, we might have to buy the Yearly TYS(Not the Topical TYS), so prepare money for that i guess.

[ Week 3 ] might have a surprise test

Went through Unit 11:Coordination and Response - The Human Eye Worksheet 11 and Unit 12 :Homeostasis

The new teacher is Dr Timothy Tan.
"A survivor's guide to coursework" worksheet had been given out to us.
-The 15 hours that is required for paper 3(the project) are split to 6 weeks starting in Term 3(The first week is only Briefing).
-Need to get a exercise book from the bookshop to serve as a logbook.
-The report is similar to structured questions, but you are entering your results.
-There is no lessons for next week due to the 'camp/remedial'.

Past Stuff

  Sign the SDM Form which was given out yesterday(A preview of the formif you have not done so

  Complete the Discover programme form for those who are in the 'D2' group before it closes. [0000 Midnight Tuesday 5/1/16 ]

  Look at the dates for the JC/Poly Open House and go to one of them before there's none left.

- On [ Wednesday 6/1/16 ], we are required to assemble in our classrooms by [ 7:40 a.m. ]

- A temperature taking exercise will be conducted on [ Thursday 7/1/16 ]

- A photo taking session involving the cohort will be happening on [ Wednesday 3/2/16 ]

If there is something that I missed or if there is a mistake that I had made, please feel free to inform me on the Facebook/Whatsapp group or private message me.

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