Monday, January 25, 2016

25 January 2016

What we discussed in class: 
Decorated a box and the drawing block for the Chingay parade.

  Prepare the chinese file by [ Wednesday 27 January 2016 ]

What we discussed in class: 
Paper 1
Q1 -公 (20)
Q2 -私 (20)
Q3 -情境作文 (40)
Q4 -议论文 (40)
Q5 -给林料作文 (40)

For argumentative questions, there are 3 parts ( 议论文 )
-Stand ( 观点 )
-Explanation and example ( 论据 )
-Conclusion ( 结论 )

  Complete the whole Nervous System worksheet by [ Monday 1 February 2016 ]

What we discussed in class: 
Went through the car accident worksheet
Went through activity 5 of The Nervous System worksheet

  Complete homework 8 by [ Tuesday 26 January 2016 ]

What we discussed in class: 
Went through differentiation and a sneak peak to chain rule.

What we discussed in class:
Planning & organisation

Quality of thinking affects communications
An essay topic can be answered in different ways ( although not every way is effective )
Different techniques can lead to similar results. However, not every result can be achieved by different techniques.

Past stuff
  Complete Q3-6 of Set 2 by [ Friday 29 January 2016 ]
  Complete the presentation on your given topic by [ Tuesday 26 January 2016 ]
  Search up and complete the homework on the Plant Biotechnology Notes by [ Tuesday 26 January 2016 ]

If there is something that I missed or if there is a mistake that I had made, please feel free to inform me on the Facebook/Whatsapp group or private message me.

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