Friday, January 22, 2016

22 January 2016

What we discussed in class the multi-purpose hall: 
Had a talk on Chingay.

Social Studies
  Complete this Question, " How critical is it to manage different religious groups' expectations in foster social cohesion? Explain your answer." [ 5 ] by [ Thursday 29 January 2016 ]
L1 Introduction [ 1 ]
L2 Describe given factor [ 2-3 ]

L3 Explain given factor [ 4-5 ]

  Complete the presentation on your given topic by [ Thursday 29 January 2016 ]

What we discussed in class: 
Management of Diversity in M-E Society.

What we discussed in class: 
Discussed more about differentiation 

What we discussed in class: 
Alkalis dissolve in water to form OH ions

The atoms is a metal are held together by the attraction of the nuclei to the delocalised electrons.
As the atoms get bigger the nuclei get further away from these delocalised electrons, and so the force of attraction between the protons and the valence electrons become weaker.

Alkali metals have relatively low densities that generally increase down the group.

Group 1
-Group 1 metals are highly reactive have to be stored in oil to prevent reacting with air and water
-Group 1 metals react with cold water to form an alkali and hydrogen gas.

Down the group, the number of filled electron shells increases, valence electron is further away from the nucleus and is less attracted by the positive charge of the nucleus

Lithium floats on the water
Reacts quicker and more violent

Oxidation Is Loss
Reduction Is Gain

If a substance is oxidised, we call it a reducing agent
If a substance is reduced we can call it an oxidising agent

Species that loses electrons in a reaction
Alkali metals lose their valence electrons readily and hence can act as powerful reducing agent

Alkali metals form ionic compounds with similar chemical formulas and are soluble in water

Softness of Alkali metals increases down the group

Halogens exist as covalent diatomic molecule in the elemental state
Halogens have low melting and boiling points that increase down the group
Elemental halogens are coloured. The intensity of the coloration increase(Become darker) down the group.

As the molecules get bigger, there are more electrons which can move around the electron shells, setting up more 'contact points' for intermolecular forces of attraction

The stronger intermolecular attraction require more heat energy to overcome. Hence the MP/BP increase down the group.

Displacement reaction

Past stuff

  Bring a file for Chinese by [ Monday 25 January 2016 ]
  Complete the MCQs for the 2 worksheets given( 1 comprehension & 1 short-answer ) by [ Monday 25 January 2016 ]
  Complete Q5-9 of Set 1 by [ Monday 25 January 2016 ]
  Complete Q3-6 of Set 2 by [ Friday 29 January 2016 ]
  Complete activity 6 of worksheet 11 by [ Monday 25 January 2016 ]
  Complete the worksheet given ( Questions about the nervous system, first question is about a car accident ) by [ Monday 25 January 2016 ]
  Complete the presentation on your given topic by [ Tuesday 26 January 2016 ]

  Search up and complete the homework on the Plant Biotechnology Notes by [ Tuesday 26 January 2016 ]

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