Tuesday, January 19, 2016

19 January 2016

  Complete homework 5 by  [ Wednesday 20 January 2016 ]

What we discussed in class: 
Discussed about the meaning of LQ, HQ and IQ.

  Complete the Reading Programme assignment by [ Friday 23 January 2016 ]

What we discussed in class:
Discussed the answers of Q1-5 of the comprehension.

  Complete the presentation on your given topic by [ Tuesday 26 January 2016 ]

What we discussed in class:
Summary of things learnt
-Impact of WWI
-Stalin ( Examinable for SBQ )
  -Impacted USSR
-Hitler ( Examinable for SBQ )
  -Impacted Germany
-Cold War
     >Korean War ( Examinable for SBQ )
     >Cuban Missile Crisis ( Examinable for SBQ )
  -Fall of USSR

Unit 1: The world in crisis

  Complete page 4 of the Nervous system worksheet by [ Thursday 21 January 2016 ]

What we discussed in class: 
Effects of Adrenaline
-Increase in conversion of glycogen to glucose in liver -> increase in blood glucose level
-Increase in metabolic rate
-Increase in rate of heartbeat
-Faster and deeper breathing -> more O2, increases more CO2 removal
-Constriction of arterioles in skin
-Constriction of arterioles in digestive system
-Increase in rate of blood clotting
-Dilation of pupil

-Insufficient insulin secretion
-Persistently high level blood glucose level
-Cells are unable to absorb glucose quicky
-Wound healing is slow

-Stimulus : Rise in blood
-Sugar level above normal
Nervous system

-Spinal cord
-Cranial Nerves(Brain)
-Spinal nerves(Spinal cord)
-Sense organs

Nerve = A bundle of neurons

-Any change in the environment that causes an organism to react is called a stimulus and sensitivity is the ability to detect and respond to it.
-In vertebrates, together with nervous system, a well-developed brain and highly specialized sense organs are present


  Search up and complete the homework on the Plant Biotechnology Notes by [ Tuesday 26 January 2016 ]

What we discussed in class: 
Went through the Plant Biology notes

Past stuff
  Have your parent sign beside the marks of the diagnostic test by [ Wednesday 20 January 2016 ]
  Complete the worksheet by [ Wednesday 20 January 2016 ]
  Complete notes pg 35-37 Q5-9 by [ Monday 25 January 2016 ]

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